Boat Towing and Hauling

Southwest Florida is known for its beaches, docks, and sunshine. Most of those living near the docks and beaches must have their own boat. For most of our customers, their boat is their most precious asset. And when the time comes that your boat will need a repair or re-design and you need someone to transport your boat, you might have a hard time looking for someone given its size. Worry not! We know who to call!

Who to call for your Boat towing?

Cape Coral Towing and Recovery, Inc. handles boat towing and hauling. We always prepare for the unexpected. Our team is prepared and experienced when it comes to boat towing and hauling. Our loadmaster and the technical team will prepare your boat for safe transport from one point to another.


Response Time

Nobody likes to wait longer than necessary. We value your time, so when we receive your call, we set the right expectations and respond to the site as soon as we can. This will help minimize the time it takes to respond, as well as the time it takes to tow you home.

State-of-the-art Equipment

Our state-of-the-art equipment will provide you with peace of mind from pickup to delivery. We are capable of transporting cargo including but not limited to sailboats, small boats, and powerboats. Each type of boat differs from size. We have to first determine what kind of boat you have and check on the size. Once we have all the information, we’re ready to set out and aim for a safe transport.

Your boat is more than just a cargo. If you need to hire a professional and affordable towing company to haul or tow your boat call 239-458-3333 for a free boat delivery rate quote today!