Car Removal Service

When your vehicle has seen its last day and is no longer operational, don’t let it take up space and become an eyesore. It will also be easy to sell your unwanted cars if you hire an expert car removal service. Whether you are a small business with an enforced private parking lot, a police department trying to prevent illegal parking, or a municipality needing to remove cars left on the highway shoulder, Cape Coral Towing & Recovery Inc. can provide skilled and speedy car removal service anywhere in Southwest Florida.

Removing Abandoned Vehicles

Whether in a public parking lot, on a side street or abandoned on the side of the road, abandoned vehicles are a nuisance. Abandoned vehicles can include vehicles that lack proper registration or vehicles that are not properly running that are left in public places for extended periods. Cape Coral Towing & Recovery Inc. can remove abandoned vehicles from the roads and transport them to the appropriate lots for later pick-up, auction or transport depending on the owner.


Helping Our Police

We are incredibly experienced with meeting the needs of police departments including towing cars after accidents, removing cars that are left behind after traffic stops that lead to an arrest and removing vehicles that are illegally parked. We can help assist officers in enforcing important laws designed for public safety like those that govern how close to fire hydrants vehicles can park and define no parking fire zones in front of public buildings and schools.

We are just a phone call away to come to your aid and give you assistance in towing your abandoned and broken car. Our car removal service is offered 24 hours of the day! Cape Coral Towing & Recovery Inc. offers emergency towing services including emergency roadside assistance and roadside assistance service in Southwest Florida. You can count on us by reaching us on 239-458-3333 today!