Emergency Towing Service

It’s an awful feeling – breaking down. It is especially terrifying if it happens during the wee hours of the morning. You may not know what to do when this happens to you.

24-hour Towing Company

Fortunately, our 24-hour towing company is comprised of professional, accredited drivers who are well aware of how stressful this situation can be. Part of our service is to offer an emergency towing service and our drivers are well-equipped to offer support in your time of need – keeping our clients safe and informed is our primary focus.


Safety Tips to Follow in a Breakdown

What do we do?

Most problems are often minor issues: being out of gas or having a flat tire is a frequent occurrence. We will bring everything to get you back up on the road again. Battery jump-start, fuel delivery, and minor repairs are often enough to solve temporarily your problem. Or if needed, we can also do an emergency tow if your car broke down unexpectedly and a minor repair is not feasible.

Our emergency towing services are mainly road services here to provide fast recovery and assistance to local residents stranded in the vicinity or anywhere else in Southwest Florida. A good tow truck company like ours can offer precious assistance when you are in dire straits. Roadside rescue is only one call away. If you are looking for an emergency towing service near you, you now know who to call.

Among all the services we offer, emergency towing is certainly the most useful and badly needed by our customers. No more dread, the road is your friend again. Cape Coral Towing & Recovery Inc. offers emergency towing services including emergency roadside assistance and roadside assistance service in Southwest Florida. You can count on us by reaching us on 239-458-3333 today!