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Gas or Diesel: What is Better for Towing?

To choose the best vehicle for towing, you must know the complexities of your ideal truck. While a variety of factors may influence your selection, the choice between a gas and diesel vehicle is essential. It will impact not only the efficiency of running the vehicle, but also the amount of money you spend on gasoline.

When it comes to towing, the industry is deeply divided about whether standard gasoline or diesel fuel is more effective. The discussion extends beyond the typical question of cost vs return to include torque and horsepower. 

Torque 101

Torque is the needed force of energy to move an object. Torque is the amount of force required to propel your vehicle to its destination while towing. The real force is measured in pounds-feet or foot-pounds, using torque as the unit of measurement. Simply put, torque is the amount of rotational force required to move one pound of mass one foot.

Horsepower 101

The formula for horsepower is torque multiplied by engine revolutions per minute (revolutions per minute). If torque represents the amount of work to be performed, horsepower represents the rate at which the work may be completed. The highest RPMs at which engines with a horsepower rating of 350 are really able to attain this speed. A gasoline engine may have a maximum RPM range of 5,000 or 6,000. However, a diesel engine reaches its peak horsepower at a lower RPM and generates higher torque at lower RPMs.

Fuel Economy

In most cases, diesel trucks tend to promise a better fuel economy than their gas counterparts.

However, the advantage that the former might have over the latter is marginal. Another vital factor to consider is that diesel trucks will need regular diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) top-ups, owing to emissions regulations.

Cost of Maintenance

Diesel trucks are often more expensive to maintain than their gasoline-powered equivalents.

For example, you must replace the oil in diesel trucks, which contains DEF.

In addition to being more costly, diesel vehicles need more frequent oil changes. Nonetheless, this is a negligible expense given the power diesel vehicles deliver.

Towing Capabilities

Diesel trucks have an advantage in terms of hauling capacity. They feature exceptional torque, greater fuel economy, and longer engine life than their gas-powered rivals. When pulling up a steep slope, gas trucks may have a worse fuel efficiency, high RPMs, and a drop in speed compared to diesel trucks. This is not a problem for those who will only use their vehicles once in a blue moon, but it may be an inconvenience for those who use their trucks on a regular basis.

Towing efficiency is enhanced with diesel-powered vehicles. However, they may be more expensive to maintain, although the additional expense is little.

Difference Between Gasoline and Diesel for Towing

The distinction comes down to how rapidly you want to transport vehicles from one location to another and how much you wish to haul continuously. Haul trucks powered by gasoline may struggle to tow other tow vehicles or more than one automobile. Tow trucks powered by diesel have an easier difficulty traveling the roadway at normal speeds and pulling many vehicles. While fuel costs more at the pump, it frequently pays for itself during the daily hours spent towing.

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