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How to Drive Safely With Kids on Board

Spring has arrived! And with the warmer weather, having your family road trips is a possibility. But despite driving carefully, road accidents are sometimes inevitable. For this reason, some parents are having a great deal of anxiety over their kid’s safety.

Consider the following tips and guidelines to guarantee that your whole family reaches your road trip destination safely.

Avoid Possible Distractions​

1. Night Time Travel

When planning a vacation with the whole family, the risk of being distracted rises. Consider scheduling your road trips at night as the kids are more likely to fall asleep during this time.

2. Buckle Up Toys

If you give toys to your kids, make sure they are securely fastened to the car seat. They will be dropped, your kid will scream, and you will be forced to do pullover. Additionally, this prevents toys from becoming missiles if you have to slam the brakes. Newborns do best without toys; they will most likely sleep instead.

3. Avoid Using Your Cellphone

Remember to switch off your phone, put it on quiet mode, or store it in the cargo section of your vehicle to minimize distraction.

4. Always keep your eyes on the road

It’s all too easy to get distracted, but you’ll never know who’s driving beside you on the road!

5. Follow Rules and Regulations

Driving safely requires following to traffic laws, driving within posted speed limits, and maintaining a constant eye on the road.

Use the Right Car Seat

Depending on the age of your kids, it’s essential to choose the appropriate safe car seat for them – even if there are other passengers in the vehicle, it’s unsafe to hold a kid in your hands regardless of whether you’re wearing a seatbelt. If an unexpected accident occurs, the kid may slip from your grasp and get an injury, but if they are correctly positioned in a safety chair, they are less likely to experience injury or fall out of their seat.

Feed and Change The Baby Beforehand

If your kids are toddlers or younger, it is recommended to feed and change them before leaving and begin your trip. If your child is in pain, sobbing, or in need of attention, it’s more likely that you’ll divert your focus away from the road to soothe the child. As you may understand, this can result in traffic difficulties and probable accidents that might have been avoided if you were paying attention. While it’s usually preferable to have someone else in the vehicle who can entertain the children, there are occasions when you just have to be the one in control. Therefore, don’t forget to completely prepare your infant for the travel, and maybe bring along a few toys to help the baby feel more secure and tranquil on the road!

Be a Defensive Driver

If you lack defensive driving abilities, now is the time to acquire them. Defensive driving is being prepared to respond to other drivers, expecting the unexpected, maintaining control of your pace, and being alert. A defensive driving course is an investment in saving lives and time that every driver should consider.

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