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Easy Guide! How To Jump Start A Car

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A car is one of our most essential needs, whether for commuting, running errands, or a simple joy ride. However, most people are unaware of the fundamentals of vehicle repair and maintenance.

What to Understand and Identify Before Jump Starting a Vehicle

1. Turn on the ignition to determine if the battery is the reason the car is not starting:

2. Jump-Starting Equipment Needs

Easiest Way to Jump-Start a Car (Without Cables)

For standard transmission cars, jump start without using cables:

If you can’t locate a hill, accept help from people to push the car and follow the steps above.

Difficult Way to Jump-Start a Car (With Cables/Two Cars)

Jump-starting a car varies from car to car. Check complete details in an owner’s manual.

General Instructions:

1. Before attempting to jump-start a car, do the following:

2. Get jumper cables and connect them in the following order:
*The disabled car is with a dead battery. The helper car is with good battery.

Caution: To ground the electric current, make sure not to clamp to the battery, fuel systems, or any electrical moving parts. Always check the user’s manual to determine if a car requires a different process.

3. Once all connections are secured, start the helper’s car for 2 to 3 minutes.

4. Try to start the disabled car. If it won’t start, wait several more minutes and try again.

5. If the disabled car starts, carefully remove the cables in reverse order:

6. Keep the car running or driving for 30 minutes to recharge.

Caution: Check the instrument panel to see if the battery light is on. If so, the alternator is not charging the battery and the vehicle will not run long enough. Call the professionals ahead of time to avoid hassle and inconvenience.

7. If the disabled car does not start after so many attempts, stop. Detach the clamps in reverse order (same as above). Give thanks to the owner of the helper car and call in the professionals for help.

Safety Tips

Emergency Equipment

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